The last “Headhunter” of the 20th century

Forgács Károly

“I’ve never met Károly Forgács. I only saw his works, heard and knew about his ambitions:
this man must be known worldwide! As it turned out, I was too late with it. The name of Károly Forgács was known long before I had the chance to hold his first pictures in my hand…
Károly Forgács, according to himself, is not a master of photography, and he has never been one. Forgács is a creative artist. The portraits of “Heads of our age” are peculiar, occasionally reminiscent of Rembrandt’s work. They urge us towards contemplation, deep thinking, and empathy.”
Excerpt from an article published in the VAGYUNK magazine /15th June, 1974./

Károly Forgács left Hungary at the age of 20, in 1956. After smaller and bigger detours he settled down in Würzburg. He attended university there and started his photo studio called “Budapress”. In his freetime, he travelled more than 90 000 kms by train, bus, and hitchhiking, to take photos of artists, politicians, scientists and clergymen living in different parts of Europe.
His life’s work successfully stood the test of time. After several years of research, the negatives were found in a toolshed, in almost perfect condition. The digitalization and correction of the collection took almost a year in London and Budapest.
Károly Forgács was portrait photographer, but there are pictures in the collection of cities, streets and landscapes as well.
Without family pictures there are 655 topics in the collection, consisting of 6844 negatives/pictures. Out of that, 355 people/topics were identified, which results in 3797 negatives/pictures.
Here, on this website, we present this “smaller” collection.
Of course we know about a few of his pictures owned in private collections or galleries, but because there were multiple pictures taken of his models, there are more pictures here than elsewhere.
He was the last “Headhunter” of the 20th century.